Designed to adapt to small run productions but with maximum efficiency. Lineal capper with intermittent star system, completely automatic for integration into small run production lines reaching capping capacity of 3000 bph, allowing total work autonomy.


  • This capper will place any type of aluminum cap, pilfer proof caps, roll-on caps, pedi strip caps in any bottle, jug, glass, PET..

  • Equipped with our most sophisticated and versatile Head, TEDELTA CR-504-ST, that guarantees a perfect hermetic seal and perfect, plus infallible upper seal and tamper evident.

Cap placement system:

  • Mediante Robo al paso de la botella, recogida del tapón gracias a la precisión del dispensador que minimiza el contacto con el tapón y asegura un posicionamiento adecuado.

The most advance technology

  • Automatic cap positioning and feeding system adapted and specific for individual cap.
  • Synchronized with process line and operator friendly.
  • Low maintenance, minimum greasing process and lasting durability.

Industry Sectors

  • Beverages, food, pharma, cosmetics and chemicals.

Caps Applications